Release notes version 20.3

The Zeticon team has worked hard to solve reported issues, implement improvements based on customer feedback and introduce new features. 


Mediahaven 2.0

We have further developed our Mediahaven 2.0 project in which we're redesigning Mediahaven in cooperation with our customers. We’ve continued the development of a second phase which contains the following elements:

  • Searching for assets:

    • Saved search queries

    • Advanced search

  • Download, share and export assets

    • Add assets to a selection and download/share the selection

  • Grid view of assets

  • Metadata based on profiles

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information or documentation about this project or if you would like a demo.

The full documentation of MH2.0 can be found here:


  • The Mediahaven website contains a new button to quickly access the Mediahaven 2.0 web application. The Mediahaven 2.0 web application will only be accessible for users with the correct rights/ user functions.

  • The import module had a strict validation on telephone numbers. We’ve changed the validation to match any number containing between 5 and 20 digits. These are the absolute minimum without international code and maximum with international code that any telephone number worldwide could have.

  • The MediaHaven website contained a possibility for XSS injection, this has been resolved.

  • The LastModifiedDateis now changed when the ArchiveStatus of an asset changes, for example when moving an asset from disk to tape.

Bug fixes

Some bugs were fixed in 20.3. These are the most important bug fixes for our customers:

  • Exports to location did not longer appear in the export monitoring on the website. This is fixed.

  • Incorrect image conversion from CMYK color space to RGB color space. This is fixed so colors should not be mixed up after transcoding.

  • DNG images sometimes failed to transcode. This is fixed.

  • ThesaurusControl: Fixed the autosuggesting for Thesauruscontrols.