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Welcome to the public documentation space for MediaHaven software.

General information

Please visit if you wish to learn more about our company, Zeticon.

Contact us

If you have any technical or functional questions regarding MediaHaven our support team will be able to help you.

For any other questions please send an e-mail to


A support ticket is automatically created when sending an e-mail to the support ticket e-mail address.

Important information

The priority of tickets created by sending an e-mail is automatically set to "Low".

Tickets that have a higher urgency should be created on the support portal (see below).


For urgent issues with a high impact we expect to also receive a call. This makes it possible to immediately ask for more details and provide an estimate when the issue will be looked into.

The Zeticon offices are reachable by calling 0032 9 275 31 32.

For quality purposes, we ask you to also create a ticket on the support site.

Support portal

There are two support portals.


In order to provide the best service, Zeticon takes the priority of tickets very seriously.
Please read the priority definitions carefully. These can be found below.
Should you have assigned a wrong priority that does not conform to the definition of these priorities, Zeticon reserves the right to decrease or increase the priority accordingly.
In the event that our support employees request feedback and it is not provided within the defined period, Zeticon reserves the right to automatically decrease the priority to the next lower level.
We hope you can understand that this is done as a means to support our customers in the most efficient and effective way.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

High impact issues that prohibit standard functionalities and are blocking for business. There is no work-around available/known.
    The website is offline and no one can reach it
    No one can ingest / export files by any means
    An important feature of the software is not working in any browser or on any computer

It is advised to call the Zeticon offices when creating an urgent ticket. This creates an immediate feedback loop where both sides can exchange information and the issue can be tackled faster and more efficiently.

When a support employee asks for feedback in the ticket, a response should be given within 48 hours.

High impact issues with (temporary) work-around.
    A certain ingest / export flow is not functional
    A feature does not work in a particular browser
When a support employee asks for feedback in the ticket, a response should be given within 72 hours.

Medium impact issues. Usually only a limited set of users are affected.
    The reason why ingesting a particular file is not working is not made clear
    The website is loading slower than usual
    Some users don't have access to a feature
When a support employee asks for feedback in the ticket, a response should be given within 120 hours.

Low impact issues. Usually cosmetic. Used as the standard priority when it is not supplied, like sending an e-mail to .
    There is a spelling mistake on the website
    A field on the website overlaps with another field

Technical documentation

Each MediaHaven installation contains several manuals for the version that is installed on that environment.

The website manual can be found in the footer of the website by scrolling down and clicking on "Manual".

The advanced user manual can be found by opening the management module (also known as the content uploader) and pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.


Manuals for the latest version of the software can be found here

Features and improvement for all past and present releases can be found in the Release Notes.

Extensions and integrations are documented on this page.

Other technical documentation can be found on the Reference page.


For commercial information about MediaHaven please visit our main web site: